The Creed: Writing

There is a restlessness within me. It is a kind of state of being that cannot be clearly defined, a state of being that is difficult to express. The restlessness creeps from the mind, into the heart, and it is then that I realize: it has been far, far, too long since I last wrote.

It is a reminder. It is an urging from deep within – because the gift of words, I think, is one of the gifts I have been given. Although I was not born a writer, perhaps because God had willed it – and He was pleased to give it to me – I was gifted with this skill.

And this restlessness, this unease that there is something I must do, must be a reminder from deep within my soul that God has gifted me with words and I must, therefore, use them. And not just use them, but cultivate them, let them grow – spread, change, evolve, elevate. Not because I want to improve for improvement’s sake, but so that God will be glorified.

I write, therefore, not because it pleases me, but because it pleases God.

I write because God was pleased to give this gift to me. According to the pleasure of His will, he had ordained – from the very foundation of the world – that this will be one of the gifts He will give me. From the very start and from the beginning of time, God had planned and God had known that I would inherit this skill.

And though I am foolish and unwise, and I am a babe compared to those who came before me… I know deep inside my heart that God will use me mightily.

This, then, is my goal:

  • To write for God and for His pleasure, so that He may be glorified
  • To acknowledge Him in every story, essay, blog post, and article that I will write
  • To submit and yield to His will- because there will be times when I will just want to write for myself, when my writing becomes self-centered instead of God-centered
  • To only speak words of life – building up, not tearing down; giving encouragement, not despair; spreading love, not hate; and, when necessary, rebuking and correcting when it is needed
  • And to be used mightily by God – to see the work of His hand; see Him using me as an instrument in the expansion of His Kingdom

All this I do because I want to fix my eyes upon the prize: Jesus Christ, the AUTHOR and perfecter of my faith.

More than that, though, let my writing be an instrument that will draw me nearer to God and will allow me to bask in His glory. Let my writing be a way for Him to reveal Himself to me so that I may delight myself in Him. Let it be used mightily.

Let God dictate. Let God speak. Let God communicate through my fingers what He wants to say.

…and may the world listen and be blessed.

So this now I ask of the Most High God. This now I bring before Jesus Christ, my intercessor, my Lord and Savior, my Most High Priest:

Use me.


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