Unprecedented Growth

2016 is gone and past, and another year lies ahead of us. For everyone, the year had its fair share of highs and lows – this is true for me as well.

New Year’s Resolutions are a dime a dozen, and most won’t be able to commit to them. I’ve made a few myself, and only time will tell if I’ll make them stick this year. The whole point of these resolutions are for the maker to instil positive change in their life. Some people do them half-heartedly, others don’t do them at all – and there are some (of which I am included) who are achingly desperate for growth in their lives.

I once wrote on a previous post that what made me most happy was when I was contemplating my infinite possibilities stretching out in front of me. I was most happy when I was ever-evolving, always striding towards an unattainable level of perfection. Since perfection is impossible, this goal should last all of eternity, and I liked the thought of that: that there is no limit to a person’s growth and capabilities if only time would stretch ad infinitum.

The opposite, however, is also true for me: I am least happy when I think about stagnation. When I don’t feel myself grow, I feel dejected and miserable. There is no worse state for me than that of plateau and decline.

So, this year. This  year, will be different. This year, I will strive for unprecedented growth – within myself. This year, I will grow. I yearn for the state of the person whom the Psalmist described as ‘like a tree planted near streams of water’. I want to yield fruit when the season comes. I want to be as strong and as steady and as rooted and as soaring and as fruitful as this metaphorical tree, this Redwood of a person the Psalmist described.

So I’ll start with my resolutions. I have ten. It may sound a lot, but they’re actually more of a personalised 10 Commandments. Here goes:

The past will not hinder your future.

I’ve made mistakes. So what? Will I allow my past mistakes to paralyze me in fear and stop me from getting on with my life? No.

It’s okay, it really, really is.

Am I sick? Upset? Stressed? Sad? Lonely? Whatever it is I may feel in 2017, it’ll be okay. It really, really will be.

Stop complaining.

It’s high time I stop crying over the injustices in my life. Yes, some of things are sad and heartbreaking, but complaining about them won’t increase my joy! It’s time I keep my mouth shut on the negatives and focus, instead, on all the good things that happen.

Bottom’s up.

Medicating is vital to your continued stability, so take them.

I don’t really need that.

Some of the things that make me unhappy are things, things that I buy that I don’t really need. After the purchase, I find myself questioning the validity of the purchase, and then thinking of how wasteful I had been.


When everything seems unmanageable and hectic and the waves are crashing against me – I will stop and just heave a great big gust of air and breathe.


Whenever I feel like the world’s just becoming too much for me to handle, God will be my refuge. I will seek Him daily, I pour out all of my anxieties and sorrow on Him, I will praise Him in my joys and heartbreaks. When things are bad, I’ll pray and God will make things better. When things are good, I’ll pray and God will make things great.


I will not be afraid to share what I have. I will not be afraid to spread the Word. I will not be afraid to open my heart. I will not be afraid to love.


I will take risks. Life is too short to spend it sitting on the bench.

Remember that you’re one of the joyous ones.

Indeed, I am one of the joyous ones. I am free in Christ, I have been made God’s daughter, a co-heir with the Firstborn of all creation. What is there to despair about? No. I am one of the joyous ones, because infinity has been handed to me freely.

So as 2017 carries on, may I remember all these things, and may 2017 be a year of growth unprecedented.

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