Note to Self: Listen Well

The world is full of liars, of voices that speak the antithesis of truth, of facts that appear true, but isn’t. You know this.

What you forget, however, is that often you don’t know what is true. The truth is not as clear as you once thought it to be, and some even argue that truth is subjective. They argue that truth is a value judgement: if you believe it, then this is your truth. But even this is false. Truth is not subjective. It is set in stone.

(For the purpose of this rambling note, self, truth is defined as the immutable reality of reality. Truth is what is, and not what appears to be. Truth is the unchangeable reality of what is: the immutable reality of reality.)

Which brings us to another interesting concept: fact. What is a fact? A fact is something that is accepted to be true. The sky is blue. Gravity accelerates at 9.8 meters per second per second. Energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. And yet, just because it is the accepted truth, a fact is not the truth. A fact can be disproved. A fact is mutable. A fact is not the truth.

This now gives you an unenviable quandry: distinguishing between the three. Which, when you really think about it, is a dangerous task, because believing in a fact is one thing, but believing in a lie and accepting it as truth is another thing entirely — because lies are destructive.

Self, do not underestimate the ruinous capacity of a lie. Do not fall into the endless abyss of a lie, lest you become too embroiled in it and begin accepting it as the opposite. Do not believe in lies; they bring nothing but calamity. A lie is a dangerous, murderous thing. Be aware.

Your task, daunting as it is, is now this: know the truth. Keep it in your heart. Let it seep into your bones, so that your mind will never confuse it with a lie. Know how to distinguish between the two, and — know how to listen. Listen well and be discerning to the voices you hear around you, to the facts and the lies, and pick out only the truth.

The world is full of liars, self, of voices that speak falsely. Take heed: often the lair is you.

So listen well.

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